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she knew anything about the plot. 24-year-old catherine russell tsarnaev reportedly met the suspect at a nightclub. that was 2009 or 2010. they got married and later had a daughter. at some point she also converted from christianity to islam. her attorney insists she was not involved in the bombing in any way. and says the last time she saw tamerlan tsarnaev alive was at the couple's home on thursday morning. the very same day the feds released the surveillance photos of her husband and brother-in-law. "the fox report" jonathan hunt is with us tonight. where is this woman now. >> catherine russell right now is at her parents many home in north kingstown rhode island, she apparently went there last friday. federal agents visited that home, we're told yesterday, but apparently they did not speak to catherine russell instead they toke to her attorney. >> i spoke to them and that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it seems likely she will ultimately meet investigators, shep, but the attorney clearly wants to decide what the par
catherine russell una catÓlica convertida al islam dijo que estaba afectada con lo sucediÓ y que lo lamenta por las vÍctimas y que llora mucho, ellos se casaron el 2010 y tienen una hija de 3 aÑos, los abogados dicen que la mujer no se dio cuenta de nada y que no sospechÓ que su esposo estuviera planeando nada malo y que se enterÓ a travÉs de las noticias, dice que vio pocas veces al hermano he nor hoy arrestado. en una oportunidad la mujer fue agredida fÍsicamente quiere int catherine russell, ella asiste a las autoridades en la investigaciÓn, este hombre forma parte de otra investigaciÓn por la muerte de su mejor amigo el Único estadounidense asegura que Él tenÍa quien muriÓ degollado junto con otros dos hombres en el 2011, la madre de los hermanos tsarnaev dicen que sus hijos son inocentes, lo que sucediÓ fue terrible permio mis hijos no tuvieron que ver esto c con esto. el diagnÓstico cambio hoy de grave a estable. y las autoridad que participan en la investigaciÓn dicen que mÁs tarde en el proceso el abogado solicita que no se admita de la declaraciÓn hospital mÍa pro
bomber, catherine russell of tamerlan tsarnaev. they were married in 2010 and authorities search for answers and family and friends are crucial to the investigation. and according to her attorney, though, she didn't know anything about the bombings and was devastated to hear her husband maybe involved. is it more complicated than that, though? chris lawrence is in north kingston, rhode island, tonight. what do investigators want to hear from catherine russell? >> reporter: erin, federal authorities want to know what, if anything, catherine russell knows about what her husband was doing before the bombing, and what affiliations he may have had other than his younger brother. the attorney told me bottom line she is cooperating with federal authorities and that she didn't know anything about what was going on until she actually saw it on the news. he said she understands why federal authorities want to talk to her. quote, she understands the need for doing it. this is the way the government looks at it and she understands this. it is a threat to national security and she gets that.
, we're learning she has a criminal past of her own. police have now released catherine russell's arrest report from 2007. she was 18 years old then. she had not yet met or married, obviously the accused bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. the report shows she was arrested for stealing $67 worth of clothes from an old navy store in rhode island. she paid 200 bucks and the case was dismissed. we haven't seen much of the widow since this month's bombing in boston. although yesterday the fbi confirmed agents have searched the house where she is now living. this also comes after fox news confirmed investigators found a woman's d.n.a. on the boston bombs. but there is is no evidence as far as we know that the widow had anything to do with them. rick leventhal now live on fox top story from boston. what more do we know about the apparent release of the suspect's body, rick. this has just been released. >> right, shepard. the medical examiner has determined tamerlan's cause of death but won't relegal it until the body is claimed. catherine russell is the next of kin. she should be the one to cla
the fbi wants to question catherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev. they were married in 2010. as authorities search for answers, family and friends are crucial to this investigation. and nobody seems to know very much about his wife. whether they lived together, how old their daughter was. there are so many things that seem to be unclear. according to russell's attorney, she knew nothing about the bombings and was devastated to hear her husband may be involved. cnn's chris lawrence is in russell's hometown of north kingstown, rhode island this morning. chris, this is amazing, right? we keep seeing the different things about herment i know you've been trying to follow the trail and find more about exactly who she was. what do investigators want from her? >> they basically want to know two things, they want to know if she knew anything about what her husband was doing? and does she know if her husband tamerlan was involved with anyone else other than his younger brother? her attorney says she has been cooperating with the investigators. we know federal agents have been here to
it just went into the home where the american widow of the older brother is now staying. catherine russell has not spoken publicly since the attacks to our knowledge. last week her lawyer said she is doing everything she can to help with the investigation. they also said it an absolute shock when she heard her husband and his brother were the accused bombers. rick leventhal on breaking news duty live tonight in boston. what more do we know about this d.n.a.? >> shepard, we're told that female d.n.a. was found on bomb components. sources say no conclusions can be drawn. the investigation is is far from over. as you mentioned, sources, federal law enforcement sources also telling us that a woman could have unwittingly handled pieces of the bomb before it was assembled and had nothing to do with the marathon attack. according to the "wall street journal," this female d.n.a. prompted agents today to visit the home where tamerlan's widow is living with her parents, seeking d.n.a. samples from catherine russell who converted to islam after meeting tamerlan in 2009 and is the mother of his 3-year
tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, catherine russel, at her parents' home in rhode island. >>> now, just because they took a dna sample and even if hers should match, the female dna sample, on the pressure cooker, it doesn't necessarily implicate her or any other particular female in terms of whether they had anything to do with the preparation or the construction of the bomb. >> it means that a female could have come in contact at any time, maybe even before this pressure cooker was put together. a wide range of people. >> if it's not her dna, it could be her daughter's dna or it could belong to somebody else all together. but, certainly, erin, it does move this case forward. >> it certainly does. we're going to find out a lot more. susan said obviously, significant development. but if it is the wife's dna, is it possible she wasn't involved? we're going to talk more about that with a forensic expert in a moment. as susan indicated, fbi investigators spent 90 minutes inside the home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, catherine russel. she was at the residence when investigators arrived. >> you saw t
's widow, meanwhile, catherine russell, coming under closer scrutiny. investigators have taken dna samples and items from her parents' home in rhode island, compare the samples to a female dna found on a fragment of one of the pressure cooker bombs used in the boston attack. the wounded bombing suspect, the younger one, dzhokhar tsarnaev, now is a prominent attorney on his defense team, another one. a lot of attorneys now, but among others, judy clark, she's just joins the team. represented defendants in some of the most high-profile death penalty cases in recent years, including the arizona mass shooter, jared loughner, atlanta olympic bomber eric rudolph and unabomber, ted kaczynski. all received life in prison instead of the death penalty. joe johns is working this part of the story. you're getting new information. i suspect by judy clarke coming in, that seems to be a signal they're going to do whatever they can to avoid the federal death sentence for this suspect, joe? >> reporter: that would certainly make sense, and obviously in death penalty cases that is generally the way the stor
agents visited tamerlan tsarnaev's widow monday, leaving with several bags of material. catherine russell is staying at her parents' house in rhode island. officials reportedly collected a dna sample from her to compare with the dna found on one of the bomb fragments used in the marathon attack. investigators note that dna could have come from anyone. >>> monday surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has a high-profile addition. defense attorney judy clark has negotiated life sentences for several past clients including the unabomber, susan smith and others, sparing them the death penalty. dzhokhar was wounded in a shoot out and is now recovering. >>> new this morning, a deadly blast has rocked damascus for the second day in a row. state tv showed rows of damaged cars, smoke-filled streets where at least 13 were killed and 70 more injured. the prime minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on monday. >>> meanwhile, president obama is expressing concern that russian leader vladimir putin, after the reported use of chemical weapons in syria, the white house says use of such weapons w
. where is this woman right now? do we even know? >> as far as we know, shep, catherine russell tsarnaev is currently at her parent' home in north kingstown rhode island. federal agents were at the home, apparently seeking to speak to her, but her lawyer is the only wound has spoken to the fed cozy the said, i spoke to them, that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it appears that they will ultimately. , just a question of when. >> shepard: how much more too we know about their relationship? >> not that much. we just are not hearing from her or the family. what we do know is that she met her future husband when she was studying at university in boston. they apparently met at a nightclub, and according to her attorney, she later converted to islam and married tsarnaev. asked about her religion, the attorney said, she believes in the ten ten nets of islam and the koran. she believes in god. her parents acknowledge they knew very little about the son-in-law saying, we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred in
. and that is talking with catherine russel dreblgtly. according to her attorneys, she's cooperating and is devastated. but it's still unclear exactly what she might have known. after all, according to our understanding, she was living with him, even after the bombings, in a very small apartment in cambridge, massachusetts. >> investigators want her help as they piece together the alleged boston bomber's plan. >> the reports of involvement by her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock to them all. as authorities try to determine when and where he may have assembled the bombs, investigators try to figure out what if anything she knows. >> she is doing everything she can to assist in the on going investigation. they say she last saw tamerlan before she went to work thursday. they say she worked as a home health aide while tamerlan stayed home with the couple's young daughter. >> very out going. very friendly. very smart. and very talented. >> that's the katie russel he remembers. her high school art teacher says she talked a lot about earning her college degree. >> are you surprised how he
glimpse in days. catherine russell was spotted leaving her family's home in rhode island yesterday. she is the woman in the headscarf, the other woman next to her, her attorney. little is known about catherine russell, the 24-year-old married tsarnaev in 2010, they have a 3-year-old daughter together. through her attorneys russell insisted the bombing was an "absolute shock" to her. erin mcpike is in providence, rhode island. you saw russell when she left the house yesterday. >> reporter: poppy, we saw katie russell friday web she finally was escorted by her attorneys to their office behind me where they metaphor about 90 minutes. when she arrived i did get a chance to ask her how are you doing and what's happening. she didn't answer any of that. she looked bewildered. she left, we did not see her leave. we know her attorneys will be here working all weekend, poppy. >> reporter: absolutely, erin, thank you. learning to make a bomb online, one terror group explains the how to, giving step by step details, so does the magazine "inspire" questions whether or not the brothers use that, if t
catherine russell she worked. she said up to seven days a week, 70 hours a week as a home aide. she was out of the house for long periods of time while tamerlan was at home. anderson? >> chris, we may not know this at this point. i know there's a lot we don't know. we haven't heard directly from her. was she living in the same house with him full time or at her parents a lot? my question is, if he was allegedly making explosive devices, if he wasn't making -- if he was making those at home, trying to figure out where he would have stored them that she couldn't have known about it? >> we're trying to figure that out, as well. how much time she was spending there at home. we know she was at the apartment very recently because she was photographed coming out of the apartment in cambridge as recently as just a few days ago. so she was there. again, the attorney is saying she was out of the house a lot because she was working tremendously long hours. he also says basically that she's distraught. the family is a mess. that she feels horrible about what happened to the victims of the boston marath
brother, tamerlan. her name is catherine russell. she converted to islam to marry him. investigators want to know what she would have known about what her husband was up to. >>> and later, how people concerned about abortion rights are reacting to the horrific murder trial of a doctor up in philadelphia that's going on right now. >>> plus, a new poll shows mark sanford in real trouble. >>> and steve colbert's sister looking pretty good. she's the sister, of course, of the comedian. she's opened up a nine-point lead as of today over sanford. with just two weeks to go before the special election down in charleston. is sanford nearing the end of his appalachian trail or comeback trail? we'll see. >>> finally, another republican elected official uses an ethnic slur to make a point. wait until you hear what that guy said. it that's not bad, wait until you hear his apology. this is "hardball." the place for politics. ♪ it's about where you're going. the new ram 1500. best-in-class 25 mpg. ♪ north american truck of the year. ♪ the truck of texas. better residual value than ford and chevy.
. >>> federal authorities are looking to speak to the wife of tamerlan tsarnaev. catherine russell tsarnaev rned hom to her family's home in vermont. she worked long hours to support the family while he cared for their young daughter. >>> online fund-raising is collecting lots of money. there is help for individuals and couples. and an effort is under way to help david henneberry, the boat owner two called police about the second suspect and where the standoff ended. we'll have more about him coming up. >>> police are identified a possible suspect as a shooting set off mass panic as thousands gathered for a marijuana celebration. a man spotted in a youtube video may have been involved. as many as ten shots rang out in the rally. leaving three people injured. this marks the first 4-20 holiday since marijuana was legalized in two states. >>> reese witherspoon was at her premier this weekend. she didn't take questions about her arrest last week. mug shots were taken of her and her husband early friday when he got pulled over by police in georgia for spicion odui. witherspoon was arrested when she r
parent's home, catherine russell apparently lirned her husband was a suspect last week. her family says the family is struggling to cope. >> the family is going through a lot. so that is the best i can do right there. >> this is video of russell on friday. she and tsarnaev married three yearsing ayoi, she converted to islam and gave birth to her daughter. her friends reportedly said sarn was reportedly controlling her and she dropped out of college after meeting him. >> 11-year-old aaron hern received a visit from three members of the oakland a's. a's in town to play red sox. last week michelle ob wrauma paid aaron a visit, he's recovering because of surgeries because of shrapnel in his left leg. >> you can get the latest developments on our web site. >> you can also follow us on twitter. >> market street could be soon lined with more security cameras. the chief says it would be -- he's going to make a push for the plan. the mayor told abc 7 news this something that needs to be discussed. >> learning how invaluable it is capturing details of the boston bombings. i don't want to suggest
it could have come from a female accomplice. catherine russell, the widow of accused bomber tamerlan tsarnaev a not a suspect and has not been charged in the plot but f.b.i. agents today met with russell at her parents' rhode island home to collect a dna sample. investigators will compare that against the dna found on the bomb remnant to determine if she ever came in contact with the device. hasell's family has issued a statement saying they were shocked by the attack. still investigators want to question russell to find out if she had any knowledge of her husband's plans. the f.b.i. is also taking a ooesh look at tamerlan tsarnaev's six month trip to russia from dagestan in 2012 to determine if he received training from known terrorists. terearticular interest are russian-born canadian militant named william poltnikov. polt tsarnaev, poltnikov was a txer. both men were in dagestan last summer. poltnikov was killed there in a shootout between muslim radicals and police in july 2012, just days before tsarnaev returned to the united states. wo far investigators do not know if the two m
catherine russell. today her attorneys issued a statement saying she is doing everything she can to assist in the ongoing investigation, adding the reports of her husband's involvement in the attack came as an absolute shock to the family. key remaining questions for investigators now involve the bombs. where did the brothers build them? did they ever set off practice explosions? how did they pay for the materials and manage to do all of that under the radar? >> pelley: bob, thanks very much. another remaining mystery has been why sean collier, a campus police officer at m.i.t. was apparently lured into an ambush and shot to death thursday night. john miller has been talking to his sources. john, the police think they have the answer now. >> reporter: they do, scott. investigators now believe that officer collier was killed because the two bombing suspects wanted to take his gun. tamerlan tsarnaev and his brother dzhokhar only had one real gun and one pellet gun. investigators believe because the officer's holster had a locking system they apparently couldn't get the gun out. officer sean
of the bombs used at the finish line. intobi agents are looking catherine russell, tamerlan tsarnaev's would go. -- widow. pressanwhile, during a conference, president obama defended the fbi's work. didt is not as if the fbi nothing could they not only investigated the older brother, but they interviewed the older brother. they concluded there were no signs that he was engaging in extremist activity. >> agents have compiled a list of nearly a dozen persons of interest. pimlico race course and has banned a number of carey and items, including backpacks and cameras with detachable lindemann -- lenses. they are implementing restrictions on how the visitors carry their food into the course. a list of all the new policies are at our website >> let's turn to the weather anotheruse it was just gloomy weather day around the metro area for most of the morning. >> that is right. hopefully, there is sunshine head. >> we will get some sunshine here tomorrow, but this afternoon is still damp and drizzly. we have had some persistent light rain east and south of the city. still cloudy and drippy. st
. catherine russell is an all american girl who went through a big transformation. was she aware of her husband's alleged terror plot and how will she impact the case against her brother-in-law. concerns about the connection between al-qaida and iran in the train terror plot. who is the next target jon: .. jon: the two men busted in canada for allegedly plotting to attack a passenger train appearing in court today. canadian officials say the suspects from tunisia and the united arab emirates were receiving support from al qaeda elements inside iran. iran meantime denies any role in their alleged plot. brian jenkins is senior advisor to the president of the rand corporation. director of the national transportation security center at the manetta transportation institute. brian, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. jon: the authorities in canada are saying there is no connection to what happened in boston. do you see it that way? >> well, certainly there is no evidence of a connection. this plot apparently in canada, they have been monitoring since and during that time, apparently
involved in helping radicalize the brothers. >> reporter: fbi agents press catherine russell, the widow of elder brother tamerlan about her knowledge of her husband's activities. agents left her house carrying evidence bags. and she was seen leaving with her attorneys who said she did not know about the bomb plot. [ explosion ] and the investigative threats continue to stretch into russia. at the same time, tamerlan traveled there last year, two key young leaders of a violent islamic group were killed by russian forces one of them was a canadian, who like tamerlan had been a professional boxer before a radical jihadist. tamerlan left russia two days after the canadian boxer was killed. and the fbi wants to know if he helped recruit and train tamerlan while he was there. >> want to learn how to build a bomb. chechnya is one of best to learn to do it. >> reporter: as the net widens, the fbi has almost a dozen individuals in russia and here in the u.s. who currently consider persons of interest. government officials told that investigators have discovered female dna on fragments of one of
a lot about is catherine russell. she's the wife of the suspect killed in the shootout. they do have a daughter. she's a toddler. what did he say? >> he said she learned about all this from the news reports and at no time new about what her husband was doing before this happened. we also learned that basically she is distraught. he says she's been crying a lot. he says she feels very strongly and badly about what happened to the victims of the boston marathon. she's also dealing with the loss of her husband, the father of her young daughter that we believe is about two or three years old. she understands why federal law enforcement has reached out to talk to her. she understands it is a matter of national security. but he said right now the family is working through him, the attorney, to speak with those federal agents. anderson. >> chris lawrence, i appreciate that update. we're trying to find out as much as we can and will be for the next week and months. we do know according to neighbors of the wife she has undergone a change in recent years in regard to her style of dres dress. w
. >> we're also learning more tonight about the wife of tamerlan. her name is catherine russel. she goes by katie and her attorney says she knew nothing about what her husband was allegedly planning. chris lawrence has more on exactly what we've learned about her. >> tamerlan's widow ran out of her home. investigators want her help as they piece together the alleged boston bomber's plan. >> there were reports that came as an absolute shock to them all. >> as authorities try to determine when and where he may have assembled the bombs, investigators want to find out what, if anything, she knows. >> she is doing everything she can to assist in the on going investigation. >> they say she last saw tamerlan before she went to work thursday before the fbi released this video. they say she worked as a home health aide while tamerlan stayed home with the young couple's daughter. >> very friendly, very smart and very talented. >> her high school art teacher says she talked a lot about her college degree. >> are you surprised to find out that she had dropped out? >> i was surprised. i hadn't seen a
. catherine russell has been in seclusion since her husband was killed, but there was some activity today outside of her home. erin, what's going on there? rhode island? >> reporter: i can tell you that there is a stepped up security presence here today. there are about half a dozen security vehicles stationed outside the russell house hold and every time one of her family members were leaving, there was a vehicle trailing them. she hasn't left the household in at least three days, erin. >> wow. so i know the best you understand now is katie russ emhas only been communicated through her attorneys. we don't know if she's spoken to fbi officials. have they been at any point speaking to her, do you know? >> reporter: we still don't know the answer to that. what i can tell you is that as questions have begun to mount about katie russell and what she might ha might have known about tamerlan's activities, she would not talk to us. she simply said she was busy and couldn't answer any questions and she's been a little more helpful and told us that she's at least uncooperative with the fbi up to t
that time in a very small apartment. catherine russel, known as katie, has been in seclusion since her husband was killed. there was some activity where she has been ever since her husband was killed. erin, what happened there? >> hey, there, erin. today, there is a stepped up security presence. we saw about half a dozen security vehicles by midday. every time one of kati russel's family members left the house, one of those security vehicles would trail them as they were coming and going. the other thing that i can tell you, as far as we know, the past three days, katie russel and her young daughter have not left this house holt, erin. . >> all right, erin mcpike. thank you very much. we know that she'll be very helpful to investigators. >>> if tamerlan tsarnaev was practicing a radical form of islam, why didn't anyone recognize that he was planning deadly violence. his family says they began to notice a change in his behavior back in the 2009. our david mattingingly is investigating that part of the story. >> worshipping under the roof of this neighborhood mosque, the tsarnaev brother
and collecting this from catherine russel. from what i read, it took days of negotiation from the fbi to get that dna evidence from her. is there a benign reason for that? a lot of people would say take a pint of my blood. >> and her lawyer says she's doing everything she can to cooperate. it doesn't mean she's actually cooperating. >> ultimately, she could be subpoenaed and she would have to produce the dna. so the question is why did it take so long for her to do it voluntarily. i don't know what's going on in her head. i mean, remember, this is a woman who, i assume, is either implicated or totally shocked and distraught. her husband is dead. her brother-in-law is dead. she's a very notorious figure. i don't know what's going through her head. >> one other couple gets to go to russia for six months and abandon the wife with a newborn baby and no discernible income. >> the big question, how did they get the money to carry this out? >> the story about tamerlan is that he became very muslim man, very i'm the boss, you do what i say. >> we've got to take a quick break. everyone stick arnold.
by the tragedy in boston during the boston marathon. and today fbi agents interviewed catherine russell. the widow at the parent home in rhode island. agents were seen leaving carrying several bags. meanwhile the wall street journal is reporting female dna was found on the explosives used by the bombers. but investigators are not certain whether it belongs to victim or someone who perhaps handled the bomb. and high powered lawyer judy clark of san diego joining the team representing dzhokhar tsarnaev and represented union i bomber and loughner and others. clark secured life sentences for both of them rather than the death penalty. same thing with tsarnaev. doth >> well there is a lot of roas roasting going on today. spencer christian is here with a pretty steamy weather forecast. >> more roasting on the way da dan. temperatures are rising. humidity is low. and fire risk on the increase. accu-weather forecast coming. >> thanks also tonight. local coast guard members trade in the cutter for new set of wheels. coast to coast mission for america wounded vets. >> bay area residents
catherine russell. tamerlan was killed during a firefight with police last week after he and his brother carjacked a vehicle. sources warned that even if russell's and dna is found on the cooker, it does not prove she was involved in the preparation of the bomb. in fact, she says she was unaware of per husband's plans. >> the bombing of the boston marathon will have an impact on this year's bay to breakers even. new security measures will be put into place and old ones will be enforced and better as san francisco tries to make this a safe one for everyone. kron4 will tran is live in san francisco to talk about what is going to happen. >> if you are an unregistered runner you will be pulled from the race. if they see the to do not have a built in place that will walk up to you and see if you have a bill and that will action to put it on. they will be a cue from the race. when you register, they get all your information and this has always been on the books. because of what happened in boston it will be strictly enforced. they will also have extra policemen at the beginning and the ending
that evidentiary information with a suspect. and of course, we have a suspect, catherine russell. obviously what happens when there is no match? then where do we go? the fingerprint might be something we can check against a database. it might be extremely important information. we finally have a lead. but there also may be other information we haven't learned about yet. there may be something else's genetic profile on another fragment that hasn't been reported. >> well, it will be fascinating to find out if there's any match at all. of course, there is that potential for all of the dna that was actually at the bombing site itself. more on that. i hope you'll join us as we dig deeper. as the investigators do this kind of work, they're also trying very hard to get inside the heads of the crime suspects. in this particular case, they may literally want to do that, literally. physically examine tamerlan tsarnaev's brain. you know that tamerlan tsarnaev was a boxer. a two-time new england golden glove champion. you play not know boxer and football players and soldiers have cte, repeated blows to the
and inspiration might have been. few people knew him as well as catherine russell. a security guard says she watched katherine at an old navy in rhode island, stuff clothes in hand bag along with a friend. describe as a skinny teen, hazel eyes and auburn hair me and made a contribution to a victims fun and her case was dismissed. a couple years later she met tamerlan, converted to islam, married him in 2010. she now has an attorney who won't comment on any possible involvement of katherine in the investigation. >> shepard: what do we know of other possible suspects or people of interest? >> there's been a lot of interest in who tamerlan may have associated with in the months and years prior to the bombing, especially people he may have met up while in russia last year there are suggestions he may have associated with known militants in dagestan, and congressman peter king went into some detail on that last night. >> may well be more than two. i mean, we have two students being held -- i'm aware of at least four or five people being looked at, and, again, talking -- >> domestically? >> yes,.
, something significant. her attorney says catherine russell wants her husband's remains. she wants the remains to be released to the family. the statement goes on to say, i'll quote, in the coming days, k ar katherine will continue to meet with law enforcement. the imams in boston are apparently refusing to hold a service for tsarnaev. we'll have more with erin who was with her today. as we try to find out whether there were any mistakes here, whether everything was done perfectly or not, did you know there are at least six terror watch lists in america? it's a statistic that deserves scrutiny after revelations that tamerlan tsarnaev was on two of them before the attack. and there's a lot more than the six major watch lists we've counted. other government agencies have their own, but why are there so many? is this smart or is it big government gone bad? tom foreman is out front. >> a curious trip to russia, loud confrontations at a mosque, visits to radical websites and behavior that made even relatives disapprove. >> what i think was behind it, being losers. >> just some of that w
. the following year, 2010, he married catherine russel, a sul folk university student he met in a nightclub and had dated on and off for seven years. she converted to islam. >> in 2009, carried himself with a lot of confidence. and then the next year, seemed like a humbler guy. dressed a lot more conservative. kind of, like, came to the fight as we all did, hoody, jeans. >> he also seemed more devoted to his muslim faith. >> he didn't talk that much about his faith to me until, like, the next year i saw him at the tournament. it was obviously that was a bigger part of his life. he felt he needed to share it with me. he seemed happy about where he was with his faith. >> tamerlan's mother witnessed her son's transformation. >> islam is required for a woman to be covered. so i said it was really not expected so i said give me some time, you know, tamerlan. >> last year, tamerlan traveled back to his homeland, a region of russia with ethnic violence and extremism. when he returned six months later, he became more out spoken about his faith. tamerlan stood up during a sermon and challenged the p
collecting dna samples from catherine russell. her lawyer says she she is doing everything to cooperate with the investigation. president obama said the fbi alerted her husband after being alert efrd by russian intelligence that he might be sympathetic to extremists. he says the fbi concluded there was no signs that he was engaged in extremist activity. looking back the president wants to know if there was anything further that could have been done after that interview to prevent the attack. >> now, what director clapper is doing is standard procedure around here. when an event like this happens we want to go back and review every step that was taken. we want to leave no stone unturned. we want to see, is there in fact additional protocols and procedures that could be put in place that would further improve and enhance our ability to detect a potential attack? >> david lee miller is live for us in boston. david, where does the investigation stand right now? >> reporter: well authorities have disclosed that the dna of a woman was found on the components of one of the bombs. not clear, jo
together his movements. we know he left the country last year, and his wife remains. catherine russell. have authorities been able to speak to her? because of course she is an important person to speak to. >> well, cnn's chris lawrence has actually been tracking those developments. and what he has found is she is too distraught to speak. an attorney is speaking on her behalf. and so he is cooperating yes, but right now she has been saying to him that she didn't know anything of this plot beforehand. although, of course, as you know, tamerlan, her husband was in russia for six months last year. and that i think will be the driving force behind the investigation going forward. >> yeah. erin mcpike joining us in boston with the latest. erin, we appreciate it. thank you. we are also getting new information on tamerlan tsarnaev who was killed in the manhunt, as you heard us just discuss with erin. >> as brian todd reports, his beliefs and his behavior took a radical turn in the run-up to the boston attack. >> reporter: new information on tamerlan tsarnaev's perspective on islam. january 18t
tightly on tamerlan tsarnaev's wife, catherine russell. sources close to the investigation tell cnn that there are major questions tonight surrounding the woman who was closest to the suspected boston bombers and one of the questions is this -- how is it possible, as authorities tell gloria, that russell did not see bombs being made in the couple's tiny home? erin mcpike is "outfront." there are questions about the older brother's wife. we've only seen her in pictures. what can you tell us? >> we did go into the attorney's office today, erin. but they're being very tight lipped. i spoke to katie russell's attorney on the phone a little bit ago and she's still not saying anything. she's being very quiet on behalf of her client. won't say if katie russell sat down with authorities. but i can tell that you the presence this morning of federal agents and of media was very heavy at the house earlier today. it's greatly diminished now, erin. >> and you also had a chance to talk to some people who knew katie. what do they tell you, erin? >> well, basically, they're saying that katie russel
dad while his wife catherine russell worked 70 to 80 hours a week as a home health aide. >> greta: and so he sat the home and she worked 70 for 80 hours a week and, of course, we know what he did in his spare time. let me ask you about who is misha? >> the shadowy figure who may have been the one that began to radicalize tamerlan? >> greta: any information? someone who lives in the united states. someone associated with some mosque? >> don't know. we are told that it is associated with a mosque. that it is associated with radicalization and his hatred for america and it began his father said with misha. that is the latest on that. >> greta: i understand the mosque that tamerlan worshiped in they are refusing to do a funeral service for him. >> and his body also has not been claimed by anybody. we are hearing that the parents may be coming back to boston beginning as early as tomorrow. >> greta: and the parents -- they were being questioned i understand at least our fbi wanted to question them. >> i would believe so. also there is a warrant out against the mother. so i think when s
information about catherine russell the wife? >> quite a bit of information about katherine russell. officials learned in the interrogation of dhokhar tsarnaev that she had called once she saw the fbi release photos and videos on television of her husband and brother in law you dropping the bombs. >> greta: that would have been wednesday night or thursday night? >> thursday night, right. >> greta: she made a phone call thursday night after she saw the video. >> to tamerlan and according to the people i talked to familiar with the investigation gave him a head's up and said they are looking for you. she wasn't sur priced. she didn't call him and say i can't believe you are a part of this. called and said they are looking for you. >> greta: didn't say turn yourself in or you are in trillion or what did you do? >> according to the interrogation she called and gave him a heads up a and said they are looking for you and the thing investigators believe that started the series of events with the killing of the mit officer and robbing of the convenience store and high speed chase. >> greta: i take it
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